Game On Your Android Device With A PlayStation Sixaxis Controller!

  • August 5, 2011 10:38 pm

Trying to get deep into the Android gaming scene but just can’t get over the onscreen/keyboard controls? There is hope dear Android gamer, there is hope. It’s called “Sixaxis Controller”, and as the incredibly cryptic name suggests — /sarcasm — allows you to pair a PlayStation Sixaxis controller to your Android device via Bluetooth.

The process while relatively straight forward is far from what we’d call “seamless”. Nonetheless, the full rundown can be found just after the break…

  1. Download “Sixaxis Compatibility Checker” to test your phones compatibility — Download here (Android Market link)
  2. Download Sixaxis Controller app — Download here (Android Market link)
  3. Plug phone into computer via USB and open up Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. If you get an error — game over. If instead you get a long cryptic number congrats. Write it down. That’s the Bluetooth address that the Sixaxis controller is paired to.
  4. Open up Sixaxis Controller app and locate “Local Bluetooth Address” — the Bluetooth address of your phone. Enter this cryptic number into the pairing/checker app on your computer.
  5. Disconnect controller and press PS button on controller. It’ll be pretty clear if it worked.
  6. Lastly, change the input method on your phone (within the app) to “Sixaxis Controller”

See. Piece of cake!

Source: Matthew Christ (No, not Jesus’ brother)
Via: AndroidPolice | RedmondPie


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