No More Red Or Blue States - Just iOS and Android States!

  • August 6, 2011 3:39 am

It’s 2011 and we have built a wall between ourselves and politics. There is no time to spend in the development and protection of this Country because we are too involved with what is in our pockets. This is why mobile ad firm Jumptap has released a color coded map (kinda like one you’d see in November every 4 years) that isn’t coded with red and blue states - but with different shades of color representing states comprised of iOS, Android and BlackBerry users. Can you see any correlation between the device users and their political standings?

As you can see it is almost a tie between the amount of users rocking iOS devices and Android Devices. We have a few BlackBerry users and some old neutral states. Only 83 million people were polled in this test and I honestly will have to disagree with it. I know I only live in the Portland area, but every person I see or deal with on a daily basis has an iPhone. I see only a handful of BB users which makes it hard for me to agree with these findings. But it does look like iOS is dominated the Midwest and Northeast while Android is taking most of the South/Southwest.

iOS devices came first in terms of ad click-through rate (0.52 percent) versus that of Sony Ericsson’s Android-drive devices (0.54 percent) or the industry average of 0.52 percent. One would think Android people click on ads more than users of any other mobile platform because Android apps and other content predominantly stems from the ad-supported free model. So, are you an iOS state or an Android state?

Would any of you agree with these findings? Are you in an iOS State or Android State?

Source: 9to5Mac

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