Milestone: Instagram Reaches 150 Million Photos.

  • August 7, 2011 2:27 pm

If you are anything like us you love Instagram. It is a mandatory expectation here at the GS headquarters that you are to snap and upload at least 3 pictures during your shift or else you get a talking to, and that is something we have no time for - talking. 9 months ago an app was born into the App Store, we’d say it is a front runner for the spot of most amazingness incredible awesomely photo apps around. With that said, Instagram also has some other bragging rights - not only do they feed the TwitterVerse and FaceBook world with amazing photos - they also do it at 1.3 million a day. That breaks down to 15 photos every second. Out of all of those photos uploaded, 80% of them are Filtered. Another crazy tidbit, 4 people make up the Instagram team - which handles the 7 million users!!

Instagram’s founder Kevin Systrom had this to say…

“To say that we’re excited and humbled by the initial success of Instagram would be an understatement. Although this milestone marks a significant accomplishment of our team of 4 folks so far, I believe it marks the beginning of what’s to come. We’re one of the fastest growing social networks in mobile – having remained in the top 25 free apps in the app store for over a month now. Where mobile apps come and go, Instagram has continued to see unprecedented growth in users and usage…

We’re constantly amazed by the range of photos shared on Instagram. Instagrammers snap photos of everyday moments with friends and family, but they also document more significant personal moments, like weddings and honeymoons. There are Instagram photos from major events like the World Series and the Grammys, and some Instagram photos have even made the national news. Artists and celebrities have begun to give fans a unique look into their lives through photos, while brands like Burberry have started to realize the power of communicating with their followers through images.”

If you haven’t checked out Instagram yet, please do. This is an amazing app and the best part about it is that it is free. If you were wondering, the image we used is the 150,000,000 picture.

Source: TNW
Photo Credit: janefot

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