Screenshots Reveal iOS 5′s Nuance-Powered Voice Recognition In Action.

  • August 7, 2011 1:46 pm

We’ve heard about the upcoming iOS 5 release possibly containing the new speech-to-text feature for a while but we haven’t seen much of anything else pop up about it. Luckily for us a reader over at 9to5Mac has sent in screenshots of the new feature on how it’ll work. When the Apple Keyboard is up and you’ll see a little microphone icon next to the spacebar and by tapping this you’ll be given a microphone overlay letting you know it’s time to open your mouth. Since this is still in beta testing, our final product might have a different look to it. But if this source is as ‘reliable’ as 9to5Mac claims this will be a huge plus side to iOS 5.

Another piece claimed by the source is that this will only be featured on Apple’s smaller iDevices - including iPhone and iPod. It seems the iPad will be left out of the newest feature. Of course support could always be added in the future to the taller iBrother. Some other sites are saying Apple might keep the newest feature an iPhone 5 only feature to add value to the purchase of it over an older device. This actually sounds like something Apple would do, but for us here at GS, we don’t think Apple would leave out the iPhone 4 for and latest iPod as their internal components should support the new text-to-speech feature.

Do you think Apple will keep this as incentive to purchase the new iPhone or will would it support all iOS 5 compatible devices? We’re excited to see what comes of this!

Source: 9to5Mac