BlackBerry “Colt” To Be World’s First QNX Smartphone.

  • August 8, 2011 11:17 am

RIM’s latest BlackBerry OS 7 stop-gap hardware is pretty nice and all, but it’s more of the same ‘ol stuff we’ve seen. In short: it’s a fleeting attempt to keep customers from fleeing to other platforms before the real magic happens — QNX-powered phones. Introducing: The BlackBerry Colt.

The hardware specifics aren’t nailed down yet, but sources of BGR say single-core is most likely the only option at launch. Though they don’t write off dual-core options either. (In a time of dual-cores being standard and quad-cores on the horizon….)

In other news: The BGR source(s) claim the lack of any dedicated email for the PlayBook was because of the complete re-write of BES code needed for QNX, and that it’s been “quite difficult” thus far. For the QNX phones, RIM is supposedly working on an all new, exclusive BES server software just for the new platform outside of the current BlackBerry OS sphere. Because of this, companies wanting to use Microsoft’s Exchange server technology will have to make use of Microsoft Active Sync.

Current release goals are eyeing Q1 2012. The name “Colt” and rumors of single-core hardware could very well change before then, so don’t go forming too solid of an opinion just yet. We’re frankly quite happy to hear something in the form of good news coming out of camp BlackBerry after strings of bad.

Via: BGR


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