Working with Cloud Computing

  • August 11, 2011 6:23 am

The advent of cloud computing has made storage and backup much easier for businesses worldwide. The service allows users to increase their data capacity without a major upheaval to their daily operations, such as finding the necessary time and money to adapt to a spike in website traffic. Whether a company is a one-person operation or employs hundreds, cloud computing is a valuable resource.

Given that all businesses from cottage industries to corporations have data storage needs, cloud computing is a welcome addition when it comes to the convenience of office life. Cloud computing applications do not require individual setup – that is, tech support will not need to install a series of apps on every computer in a department. This move towards greater mobility offers users the freedom of not being tethered to one single computer. Projects can be worked on and/or completed from a remote location, as users need only an Internet connection to access their files…

The world of online applications and their malleability opens up to cloud computing users. A team of employees in any number of locations can make changes to the same project, such as updating a spreadsheet in Google Docs. Gone are the days of emailing versions of the same document back and forth. Cloud computing cuts down on – and, ideally, eliminates entirely – the waste of valuable company time and confusion over earlier versions of a document that would have once littered a user’s inbox.

Perhaps the most important feature to mention is cloud computing’s cost-effectiveness. Customers pay for what they use as they use it, given the service offers affordable hourly rates. Where a business would normally be tasked with investing considerable capital into the acquisition of new software and a team of individuals to manage it, cloud computing reduces those needs. More than likely, a business would only need to employ one administrator who would be responsible for setting up user accounts and handling minor issues.

From increased productivity to reasonable rates, cloud computing is the way to go for an office that wants to stay at the head of the pack. Though the technology necessary to capitalize on cloud computing’s services has long been around, its capabilities have been in use for less than a decade. This better use of employees’ time and resources leverages the daily use of computers into a more powerful force. With efficiency operating at its highest level, opportunities abound for success.


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Michael grew up in a small town in the midwest, but as an adult moved to the city, where he now works at a small tech company and writes about technology at