Facebook Announces Massive Privacy Changes, Cedes Check-in Victory To Foursquare (For Now).

  • August 23, 2011 3:27 pm

Survive earthquakepocalypse? Good. Share it on Facebook. But before you do, you may want to know that Facebook just pushed out some rather large changes to user privacy settings. But don’t worry, this time the changes are actually pretty useful, if not a straight ripoff of Google+’s own feature list. Get the full rundown after the break…

New Facebook privacy setting

  • More Control over people tagging you: Under the new settings, people who have been tagged in another persons’ photos can send a request to that person to remove the tag or entire picture. Also, users will have the ability to better control their own photo uploads by blocking specific tags, all tags, and having the ability to remove the photo in question
  • Control who sees each post: Initial groups include “Public”, “Friends” and “Friends of friends”, though at some point in the future more groups will be added. Yup. It’s pretty much Google+’s circle feature slapped over top Facebook. In their defense, Facebook claims they’ve been working on this feature way longer than they’ve even known about Google+. On that same note, Facebook has known about Google+ since last year so…yeah. We don’t buy it. We’ve never seen Facebook as scared as we have the last few weeks with Google+’s continuing growth online.
  • You can change share settings even after posting: Share something with someone you’ve later come to regret? With the new changes sweeping across Facebook, restoring dignity and your self image is but a few clicks away.
  • Facebook is partially giving up the on check-in mania (for now): Instead of a dedicated “Places” section within mobile apps, each and every post will now feature some type of location data.
  • Location data can be added to posts after the fact: Add cool location tags to those nifty Sweden vacation pictures from last summer as you sit in your office prison (read: cubicle) in the here and now.

The changes above should go a long way to making Facebook more privacy friendly and dare we say more fun to use again. Still, we’re still drinking the Google+ kool aide.


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