Google Upgrades +1 Button. Now Shares Directly To Google+. Announces +Snippets For Publishers.

  • August 24, 2011 2:43 pm

Google’s Google+ onslaught has been like a steamroller constantly gaining momentum (and features). But something was missing — direct sharing. Thankfully that feature is now here. Today Google officially announced an expanded functionality for the +1 button that includes the ability to post directly to your Google+ profile wall. On top of that, Google+ users will be able to add their own comments and select the circles they’d like to share with. Sharing is simple. Just click on the +1 button as you do now and click on the “Share on Google+” text in the small box and you’re good to go.

Before today, clicking the “+1″ button put a link on your +1 tab on your Google+ profile. That’s great and all. But we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in admitting we never look at someone else’s +1 tab. What we (and many people) have requested is a Google+ button that acts much like the Facebook share button — popping up a window to allow the user to post directly to the Google+ page, mention friends and add their own content. And now we have it!

Besides the expanded functionality of the +1 button, Google also announced the new +snippets. +snippets is essentially publisher controlled share option that includes an image, link and short description of what you’re sharing. In other words: it’s the exact same thing as above with out custom user added content.

If Facebook wasn’t already hurtin’ for something new and exciting, they sure are now. Full-on sharing via Google+ is now rolling out! Google says that both expanded +1 functionality and +snippets will be live for everyone by the end of the week. If you’re like us (read: impatient) you can get the aforementioned features activated right this second by signing up for Google’s platform preview service.

Demo video of the new features after the break…


Via: Google Blog


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