Google Just Killed Their Best Social Platform. Good-bye Slide.

  • August 25, 2011 11:55 pm

Hopefully you weren’t planning on getting cozy with Google’s Slide-made services. Google just killed them off. All of them…

Remember that super cool iOS app, Photovine, that Google released earlier this month? Gone. SuperPoke Pets (alright, now as important). Gone. Disco. See ya. Our personal favorite was Photovine. While the gist of Photovine itself may seem a bit gimmicky and/or dumb, it was fun to stroll through some of the creative photos that popped up. And we think it goes without saying Photovine was Google’s best designed piece of software. Period.

According to various reports around the internet, Google made the announcement at an all-staff meeting. What’s surprising, however, is that Slide employees had no idea Google was axing Slide (more or less).

For what it’s worth, Google is planning to keep most if not all of the former Slide employees, with a large percentage being shuttled over to YouTube duties. Meanwhile former Slide founder Max Levchin has announced plans to leave Google to “pursue other opportunities”.

Did Google just kill off their best social product(s)? Before Google+ came out we’d probably agree with such a statement. Hell, even after seeing Google+ we’d at least say Google was foolish for at least killing Photovine.

So…yeah. We’re pretty bummed. You?

Via: AllThingsD


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