Jailbreak Developers Getting Bored, Throwing In The Towel?

  • August 26, 2011 12:11 pm

Yesterday it was jailbreak developer “Comex” that stunned quite a few by announcing his new upcoming internship at Apple. For someone who has spent so many years “on the run” from the very same company, it’s pretty amusing to see the tides turn. As for his jailbreak activities, we can’t see Comex continuing too much longer given his new employer’s past views on the practice of jailbreaking.

Today another iOS jailbreak dev sheds doubt on his own future. @chpwn has mentioned via Twitter that while he’s not joining Apple — a reply jokingly directed at some who have been vocalizing worries regarding future jailbreak efforts — he’s also getting bored (presumably with iOS/jailbreaking) and may not continue doing it much longer.

“I’m not joining Apple, but I’m also bored and probably not going to do much more jailbreak stuff. Probably.”

We’re not too worried at the moment. Chpwn’s statement is far from final. Not to mention, someone will rise up through the ranks and take over the jailbreak developer’s limelight. Worried?

Via: @chpwn

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