Review: Wicked Audio Metalics Earphones.

  • August 28, 2011 12:48 pm

Is there really all that much of a difference between the seemingly endless supply of headphones? While we’d come forward and say yes, there is, we’re certainly open to the idea of wide-scale testing before coming to a final conclusion. In short: we love reviewing stuff.

Today we’ve got the Wicked Audio Metalics earphones in-house and have given them a once over. Check out our thoughts after the break…

The Specs

  • Frequency 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Impedence 16 ohms
  • Driver 10mm
  • Chord Length: 4ft/1.2m

The Review

In keeping true to Wicked Audio’s design-centric mantra, the Metalics are slick, fashionable buds. Where Apple designs one style that is admirable by a massive chunk of the population, Wicked Audio branches out with many different headphone lines, colors, and styles. In this particular instance it’s a job well done.

On the audio front, Wicked Audio leaves a lot to be desired. In following similar scenarios where a manufacturer puts more effort into a pretty face instead of a meaningful soul, we found the Wicked Audio Metalics to be one of the muddiest, muffled pair of earphones we’ve ever tested. Really. Highs were non-existent and mids were barely audible. What was able to be heard bled right into the low range making for a very messy, cluster of a presentation. Hell, even the stock white iPhone/iPod earbuds had a better sound signature — more flat across the board. While “flat” is generally synonymous with “boring”, we’d much prefer actually hearing all the pieces of a song instead of just that below 1KHz.

Ironically, Wicked Audio markets “enhanced bass” on the side of the package. Unfortunately for the Metalics “enhanced bass” means “completely ruined sound signature/quality”.

The Conclusion

While we weren’t impressed with the Wicked Audio Metalics in the slightest, we really can’t complain too much seeing as how they only cost $12. Then again, if it’s audio quality you truly cherish we’ll point you in the direction of Koss’ “The Plug”. At $10 they’re both cheaper than the fancier Metalics and sound far better.

At $10-12 you’re hardly breaking the bank. Nonetheless, if you’re going to buy a gadget whose soul purpose is to deliver music to your eardrums, wouldn’t you want the most bang for your buck? With that said, we didn’t find any “bang” with the Wicked Audio Metalics and would encourage you to search elsewhere.

[Wicked Audio]


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