Watch Out: Fake iCloud Setup Email Asking For Credit Card Info, Login Credentials.

  • August 30, 2011 10:54 am

We know. You’re just as anxious as we are about upcoming iCloud and all of its features including a tweaked email service. But before you get too excited and go clicking on random links within iCloud setup emails, make sure the email is legitimate. According to Macnn, a new scam email is being sent out falsely labeled as being sent from “The Apple Store Team” and asking for credit card information so users can “sign up for iCloud”.

While you should always check the authenticity of emails asking for you to log in places and/or for credentials, this latest scam does have a few tall-tale signs that it is fake. For example, the word “button” is misspelled. On top of that, the email is signed by “The Apple Store Team” despite being allegedly sent by the MobileMe team — the two are not connected in any way.

Common sense works best in these situations. Never click on links within emails. If you receive an email asking you to log into a particular account, manually type in the address to the website in question and log in so you’re absolutely certain it is the real thing.

Anyone fallen victim (or want to admit they did) to the latest scam?

Source: Macnn | Via: MacDailyNews

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