Facebook To Become Streaming Media Hangout Come September 22nd?

  • August 31, 2011 8:37 pm

For some time rumors have swirled around Facebook either making their own music service or partnering up with someone else. Come September 22nd at the social networking giant’s F8 conference, the truth may finally be set free. But unlike past rumors, the actual announcement may prove quite surprising…

CNBC is now reporting that Facebook will in fact announce a new streaming service at the F8 conference later this month. But instead of launching their own in-house service, CNBC speculates that the Palo Alto company will partner up with not one, not two, but three or more growing streaming music providers.

The list of potential partners includes the recently (U.S.) launched Spotify, Rdio, and MOG. Pandora is another likely candidate.

With the market for digital music delivery and streaming getting rather clogged, Facebook has to do something to keep their competitive edge at least on the social networking front and to one-up Google’s runaway hit, Google+. And now that Apple is getting the groundwork for a cloud/streaming service of their own, Facebook’s goal becomes even more clear — stream music!

For now it’s all rumor and speculation. Facebook has already responded to the allegations above claiming “nothing new is being announced”. Should we believe them? After all, F8 is a developer conference, not a stage to showcase brand new features. With that said, Facebook is likely following the same “rules of engagement” as many, many other tech companies in hiding their true intentions until the day of the event.

On the flip side, the aforementioned music streaming functionality may not hit the market until next year, with Facebook once again divulging a bunch of dev-centric (read: boring for consumers) information and perhaps that elusive iPad app we saw leaked back in late July. While an iPad app release would certainly be worth talking about, it’s a far cry from a far more exciting (and important) streaming partnership with many different streaming outfits.

While we won’t be there in person we will certainly be crawling the web via several dozen sources to bring you the latest and greatest news Facebook has to offer come September 22nd.

Stay tuned…

Source: CNBC | Mashable | Gigaom | TIMN


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