Calling Him A Genius Is Somewhat Ironic - Lulz @ Apple

  • September 1, 2011 9:40 pm

I’m pretty sure everyone out there has stepped foot into an Apple Store at some point in time. No matter how you feel about the company and Their products, you’ve probably done it. Even if you haven’t, you’ve walked by a retail spot in a Mall, or on a busy street. Whether walking by or stepping a foot inside, you’ll be bombarded by the employees. If you make it far enough in, you’ll see a spot where you’d think they’d be making drinks at. Nope. This is the home for the “Genius” livestock. This latest story really lets their smarts shine through.

If you remember almost a year ago, or if you read any tech blog lately, Apple once lost an iPhone 4 prototype. Careless, stupid, lollerskates - for sure. If you were anywhere near the internets, minus here as I’ve come to find out, you would have probably read about a possible iPhone 5 prototype leak. Yes, when Apple employees get to drinking, they leave their highly secretive iPhone prototypes lying around at bars. But what about the retail location people, they aren’t drinking - or are they!

Our newest Apple Lawl comes straight from a blue shirt wearing Genius! A CultofMac reader happened to wander in to his local Apple store to get some much needed help. Was told his HDD was crappola, and advised him to head on back later. When showing up to pick up his magical device, the good ol (read: slow) genius handed him a harddrive.

Oh boy, what did he find!!! Hop on in to find out!

Thinking what he was getting was just his HDD that was inside of his computer, he slapped the puppy into a USB enclosure to pull off all of his “private” files he doesn’t want his parents to see. But wait, what’s this?!? An Apple Retail Store Server Time Machine back up!!!! Definitely not the pr0n he was probably expecting.

According to the lucky fella, the HDD is filled with secret internal documents dating from late 2009 to May of this year. Loaded with “confidential docs, internal manuals, Apple’s sales techniques, an Apple Store work checklist, product layouts, time schedules, pictures and videos of Apple corporate activities that only Apple employees can see. There are also some [we can only assume riveting] videos of store meetings, business structures and so much more.”

The tipster says, “I always wondered what went on behind that big doors on the back of Apple Store.” By that grammar we assume he is a Genius himself. Anyways…We have compiled a gallery of the screenshots of what is inside the HDD if anyone out there cares. The internal memo about an imminent software upgrade might be the next… oh wait… Lion is already out. I bet this Genius thought this was better than recycling the drive.

The volumes on the drive were called:

“/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2009-11-23-095346/HD1/Server Users” & “/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2011-05-18-141707/HD1/Users/admin”.

CultofMac had this to say:

Note: Our tipster originally approached Cult of Mac in the hopes of selling us the hard drive containing these Time Machine backups, and provided us these screenshots as proof. Cult of Mac does not pay for stories, and especially not things like confidential information or iPhone prototypes. As such, we strongly advised him to return the hard drive to Apple, and even offered to help facilitate the safe return of the disk if he was nervous about the exchange. We have not heard from him since.

Source: CultofMac