[Update] Lost iPhone 5 Story Takes A Twist: “Police” Were Imposters. (Special Investigators Working For Apple?)

  • September 2, 2011 2:19 pm

Apple LogoThe plot behind the alleged “lost iPhone 5″, which like it’s predecessor was apparently left in a bar, just got a lot weirder.

The San Fransisco Weekly dives deeper into the ongoing story and paints a rather ominous image on Apple. Specifically, the man who is claimed to be the one questioned by San Fran “police”, Sergio Calderón, claims 4 men and 2 women with badges who claimed to police officers came to his house, questioned him over the iPhone and then proceeded to search his home. Anthony Colon is allegedly one of the men who presented themselves to Calderón as a police offier and just so happened to have left his contact information with Calderón.

The kicker: Colon used to be a San Jose police officer but is now a Special Investigator for Apple according to his Linkedin profile — a profile which has since been deleted.

If it turns out that the man/men that questioned Sergio Calderón were in fact normal civilians (whomever they worked for) posing as cops, each could face up to 1 year in prison. If anything this story just got a lot more interesting.


Well, another update about this lost iPhone prototype. It seems that this so called investigation, turned fake investigation - is in fact real. Lt. Troy Dangerfield told the SFWeekly that this door knocking/search at Sergio’s apartment was in fact performed by 4 SFPD Officers as well as Tony Colon(Apple Investigator) as well as 1 other Apple Official. Our take: This entire ordeal seems pretty shady. We shouldn’t have an ‘unrecorded’ event/investigation from a police department. But we also shouldn’t have such a sloppily handled case - which could spell legal trouble for Apple and the SFPD in the future. Sergio did wave his rights and allow the search, but we also have claims that not everyone had identified themselves upon entering. We’ll keep you updated on how all of this shady post Steve Jobs action turns out.

We smell a movie deal…

Via: SF Weekly

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