Microsoft Denies Collecting User Location Information Without Consent.

  • September 5, 2011 3:21 pm

Just in case you were wondering, previous reports (and a new lawsuit) from last week claiming Microsoft was tracking user location in Windows Phone 7 haven’t gone unanswered. Today the company hit back, saying they don’t in fact track users.

Microsoft is investigating the claims raised in the complaint. We take consumer privacy issues very seriously. Our objective was — and remains — to provide consumers with control over whether and how data used to determine the location of their devices are used, and we designed the Windows Phone operating system with this in mind. The data captured and stored on our location database cannot be correlated to a specific device or user. Any transmission of location data by the Windows Phone camera would not enable Microsoft to identify an individual or ‘track’ his or her movements.

Windows Phone 7 users: Feel any better or is this “locationGate” all over again?

Via: WinRumors


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