Echofi Brings Radio Functionality and Web Portal To Spotify.

  • September 7, 2011 1:33 pm

Fan/user of Spotify? We’ve been a rather frequent user of Spotify ever since the service launched earlier this summer. During that time, however, we’ve had to learn how to split our time between both Spotify and for the sole fact that Spotify doesn’t feature a randomized radio feature like Add to that the lack of any web based portal for Spotify users and you can see where the novelty of the European based app wears off. But along comes Andy Smith to save the day with Echofi…

The beauty of Echofi is found in it’s no-frills design and simple operation. Echofi makes it simple to create artist based stations much like Pandora/ . And similar to other artist radio services, Echofi gives users “like” and “dis-like” buttons that allow end users to specifically tailor music to their tastes. It’s worth noting, however, that liked/dis-liked content is not saved in-between sessions — this is something Smith hopes to add in future updates.

For the time being there are a few bugs and shortfalls with Echofi. For example, once Echofi is in control you can’t use keyboard shortcut keys or Spotify’s own forward/back buttons without mucking Echofi up. Mobile users are simply out of luck. There isn’t an Echofi app currently in the works, though Smith does hope to have one up and running at some point in the future. Finally, and perhaps most annoying, is that when switching to the next song with Echofi running, the main Spotify app forces itself to the front of everything. The only solution, Smith adds, is to “make the Spotify window really small” and hide it on some corner of your screen. A minor inconvenience compared to the huge benefit in usability we think.

If you give Echofi a shot be sure to let us know what you think!


Via: Wired

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