Report: HP Eyed Samsung And LG As Possible PSG Buyers.

  • September 7, 2011 9:53 am

The last 1-2 months have certainly been jam packed with tech upsets and announcements. In our eyes, however, the most surprising announcement came from HP when they announced last month their intention of stopping all webOS hardware development and manufacturing and voicing interest in spinning off their PC business (Personal Systems Group).

Following up on the original news comes a new report by Cnet who is claiming that as far back as late 2010 HP was involved in discussions with LG and Samsung (as well as other, undisclosed companies) over a potential purchase of PSG — a very different message compared to HP’s current stance (spinning off the company into a separate entity rather than sell off PSG in its entirety).

Whether or not HP is still looking to spin-off the business (as most recently reported) or is fluctuating back and forth between a spin-off and outright sale isn’t known.

Since the public announcement that they were looking at a potential PSG spin-off, HP has been running a new ad campaign in an effort to calm investors and shareholders claiming a spin-off would allow the company to be a “more agile organization to help us better anticipate change and quickly respond to customers”.

We’re still not sure CEO Léo Apotheker’s apparent vision of realigning with HP’s old enterprise roots is the best route. You?

Via: Cnet


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