Samsung Permanently Barred From Selling 10-Inch Galaxy Tab In Germany.

  • September 9, 2011 9:24 am

It’s been a long, laborious road for Samsung overseas in Europe and The Netherlands thanks to a slew of lawsuits filed by Apple against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Android tablets. Today it gets worse — much worse. The judge overseeing the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit in Germany’s Dusseldorf court just issued a permanent ban on the 10″ Galaxy Tab. What it means is that stores will no longer be able to sell the 10″ tablet nor will Samsung Germany be able to sell it outside of Germany.

Samsung has already responded to the ruling, citing their (obvious) disappointment, and vowing to vigorously defend their own intellectual property as well as pursuing Apple’s violations of Samsung’s patents and IP.

Meanwhile yesterday Apple continued their attacks on Samsung’s Galaxy S products with new lawsuits filed in Japan also seeking to stop the sale of Saumsung’s most popular line of smartphones and tablets this year.

Keep the popcorn hand as we have a feeling this battle between two giants is far from over…

Via: ComputerWorld

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  • Anonymous

    This is crazy. The Samsung R7, and released in 2006, was a ten inch portable tv. That also allows for portable computing such as photo album and music wtf, apple is the infringer, no?

    • The Gadgeteur

      I agree that at this point Apple is getting ridiculous.