“The World Has Seen All Kinds Of Horror… Bio-organic Weapons Have Taken Over.”

  • September 16, 2011 1:48 am

That’s right folks. Resident Evil 6 is frakin official!!!! Huge news for any of you zombie slaying gamers out there. Sure, we love our Dead Island and our Left4Dead - But Resident Evil is the original “next-gen” outbreak classic. Way back in the mid 90′s the Playstation [1] was graced with the likes of the entire Raccoon City cast. 15 years later we’ve been hoping for the rumored release.

With Resident Evil 5 kicking so much arse just a couple short years ago, the obvious sequel was rumored to be a complete reboot. Whether they continue the story or completely re-write it, this writer will be happy either way!

Earlier today at Capcom’s TGS Theater, which was running trailers for all upcoming games, featured the clip you’ll witness after the break. You’ll see ‘Biohazard 6′ during the trailer, never fear, if you know anything about the franchise you’ll know that is what it was originally named in Japan.

Anyone else stoked for this release now that we have something official to go off of? Jump on in for the trailer…

This video randomly hit YouTube earlier and was quickly taken down and the user’s account closed. This could quite possibly be the very first legit teaser trailer of the upcoming Capcom release…

Source: Kotaku