Google Nexus Prime Release Rumored To Be November 3rd.

  • September 17, 2011 11:23 pm

If you’re anywhere close to a respectable Android…”junkie”…you no doubt have one big end-of-the-year device on your mind — the Nexus Prime. The next-gen phone will reportedly be built by Samsung (like the Samsung made Nexus S) and be the first Android device to showcase Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thus far rumors have pegged the official release to “late 2011″, with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently citing an October/November release. And while Schmidt failed to get into specifics, Twitter users @tfleming223 and @Black_man_x claim the official Nexus Prime release date will be November 3rd. On top of that the pair also say Verizon will get the exclusive. With that said, the mention of an “exclusive” carrier casts doubt that the Nexus Prime will in fact be a true “Pure Google Phone”. The whole idea of a Pure Google device is that customers have the most choice possible (read: multiple carriers).

Whatever the case may be, the alleged specs for the Nexus Prime are truly mouthwatering and have our attention regardless. In the meantime, follow @tfleming223 and @black_man_x for more.

Source: @tfleming223 (Twitter) and @black_man_x (Twitter) | Via: Electronista

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  • Simon Stewart

    It seems like it is getting very late in the day to be announcing a handset that will be ready in time for the next 6-8 weeks.  You’d have expected an announcement by now…

  • Anonymous

    Probably won’t reach att for months.

    • The Gadgeteur

      While I’d like to hope you’re wrong, given AT&T’s track record with “open” Android devices I fear you’re actually quite right.