Samsung Unleashes Lawyers With Countersuits Against Apple In Australia And Germany.

  • September 18, 2011 11:40 am

Apple’s legal team is probably a beast to deal with. But Samsung is far from giving up or merely rolling over. The tech giant just filed another countersuits in Australia alleging that Apple is the real infringer with their iPhone and iPad lines…

Samsung previously filed a countersuit in Germany where the courts have already ruled on the initial Apple lawsuit that has since made the 10.1″ Galaxy Tab illegal to sell in Germany.

The ongoing courtroom battles are no doubt the end of Apple and Samsung’s close relationship. Further evidence of this can be seen in rumors suggesting Apple is signing TMC as the manufacturer of the next-gen A6 and A7 processors used in the iPhone and iPad.

Source: WSJ (Subscription required) | Via: 9to5Mac


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