Verizon Posts Web Page Detailing “Network Optimization” On Unlimited Data Plans.

  • September 18, 2011 11:19 am

If you thought Verizon was going to allow grandfathered unlimited data plans to go un-checked for the rest of eternity, think again. In an AT&T-like move, Verizon posted a new page today detailing the company’s new (went into effect September 15th) “Network Optimization” (read: throttling) tactics on so called “unlimited” plans.

According to Verizon the top 5% of unlimited data users on grandfathered plans use more than 2 GB of data per month. These users will now see data speeds cut once the 2 GB threshold is surpassed, though only on congested cell sites. It’s also worth noting Verizon is taking a similar approach to how Sprint handles throttling in that only 3G customers are affected. Customers making use of Verizon’s LTE network will still be able to surf the open web free of any set boundaries as long as they were subscribed to an unlimited data plan before the tiered offerings went into effect.

The change is far from welcome given the very meaning of the word “unlimited”. To be fair, however, they’re not the only carrier employing such measures. As highlighted earlier, Sprint has a similar 3G/4G split, though there’s differs from Verizon’s in that it is actually a hard cap on 3G plans, not a throttling of speed. T-Mobile meanwhile does throttle network speeds over a more generous 5 GB “soft cap”.

If Verizon keeps heavy-handed throttling limited to actual networks bursting at the seams it’s actually a good thing for crowded areas. But as history has shown us, changes to cellular contracts at the whim of the carriers is rarely in consumers’ best interests.

Source: Verizon | Via: Phonearena


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