Google Announces 100th Feature: Open Registration. Bonus: Features 92-99; 101-107 Detailed!

  • September 20, 2011 12:53 pm

Google’s social networking baby, Google+ is officially open to all! Dubbed the “100th feature”, open signups mark the end of the field trial status and start of the official beta period. On top of the open signup announcement Google also revealed many other new features today. Jump on in for the full rundown of features 92-99 and 101-107…

92 — Hangouts On Your Phone

The title pretty much says it all. Mobile user scan now use Google+’s Hangout feature on their mobile device. Currently only Android 2.3+ devices are supported, though Google claims iOS support is “coming soon”.

93 — Hangouts On Air

Love talking/video chatting with a handful of people but found that even Google+’s default limit is far too small? Introducing: “Hangouts On Air”. In short: Public performances/announcements can now easily be run entirely on Google+. While the default 10 users are the only ones technically “in” your Hangout (for interacting purposes), once made public anyone can tune into your Hangout.

For anyone wanting to address a large group (shout out to podcasters) this is a godsend.

For now only a limited number of people will be able to host Hangouts On Air, but more are planned. The first Hangout On Air is scheduled for September 21st and will be hosted by the Black Eyed Peas’

94 — Hangout Extras: Screen sharing

95 — Hangout Extras: Sketchpad

96 — Hangout Extras: Shared Google Docs

97 — Hangout Extras: Named (Themed) Hangout Sessions

98 — Hangout APIs

Developers looking to tap into the Google+ Hangout functionality: this is your chance to get creative. Consumers can look forward to a rich suite of 3rd party apps in the coming months leveraging the power of Google+’s Hangouts feature.

99 — Google+ Search

Simply type whatever word, phrase, or topic into the search box within Google+ and instantly see results for content as well as users talking about said search topic.

101 — Improved SMS Support

Starting today U.S. and Indian Google+ users post, receive notifications, and reply to Google+ via SMS.

102 — Improved +Mentions Support

Add people to conversations by +mentioning them.

103 — +1 Comments From Mobile

Now iOS users (and soon Android) can +1 individual comments in streams and conversations.

104 — Edit Profile Photo

105 — Customize Notifications

Finally! Now you can continue getting new notifications of conversation replies and leave new follow notifications (and others) to desktop usage.

106 — SD Card Support (Android Only)

Google+ for Android can now be moved to the SD card to free up internal device storage.

107 — Huddle -> Messenger

Huddle has been renamed to simply “Messenger” and has gained the ability to share photos.

What do you think, Google+ users?

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