Is This Google Branded SIM Card The First Sign Of Google Cellular Service?

  • September 23, 2011 8:09 am

Rumors have long concluded that Google would ultimately move towards creating their own open cellular service in an effort truly shake up the U.S. cellular industry. Though time and time again such rumors get debunked rather quickly as the road to creating a cellular network is full of trials and tribulations, government bodies, red tape, and of course, a ton of money. But the Google-branded SIM cards above discovered by Spanish Android site XatakAndroid rekindle the long running Google Carrier rumor.

Even more interesting, however, are reports via the same site that Google is looking at two Spanish telecoms to partner with — Pepephone or Simyo — and that ultimately Google’s phone service will once again take a partner approach with current cellular providers rather than be a standalone service.

To dream the impossible dream…

Source: Xatak Android | Via: Phandroid


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