Forget LTE. 300+ Mbps LTHE Is On The Way. Planned Early 2013 Debut.

  • September 26, 2011 8:45 am

Verizon has already confirmed they’re already looking past LTE to even faster technologies such as LTE-Advanced. How awesome that next-gen technology will be, however, has remained a mystery.

At the ongoing PT Expo Comm trade show in Beijing, Nokia Siemens will demo a new LTHE (Long Term Evolution HSPA) network capable of 300+ Mbps downloads — 336 Mbps to be exact. The new threshold is made possible thanks to multi-carrier arrangement that makes use of eight separate modules of 42 Mbps each.

Nokia is said to be looking for buyers of the technology in hopes to have it in consumers’ hands by early 2013. Said date lines up nicely with previous VZW (and personal) estimates of when we could begin to see their next-gen network technologies unfold. Is this part of VZW’s future?

The only thing that we have pinging around our head: how will data caps change to reflect the newfound speed? 5 GB is already laughable when you have 20-30 Mbps speeds on tap. One can easily blow through such a low allotment in 1-2 hours. What happens when you increase that speed 5-10x? Consumer revolt after a $1,000+ data overage bill, that’s what.

Source: (Google Translated) | Via: Twitter (@svartling)


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