Google Is Killing Our Memory! [Infographic]

  • September 26, 2011 1:13 pm

Google is killing our memory and ability to retain/find information outside of the world wide web, at least that’s what has portrayed in a handy infographic.

While Google’s vast cache of information is great for knowledge hungry folk, and not to mention readily accessible, it’s wreaking havoc on the human brain’s ability to store information and could negatively affect written records in the future if our reliance on digital nannies doesn’t change.. Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Infographic time after the break!

Google and Memory
Research and Design by: Online Colleges Site


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  • John Hanlon ?

    I thought it was called an infograph?

  • The Gadgeteur

    Oh it is.  Public ridicule, however, has forced me to conform…