Keep Tabs on Your Home Security from Your Smartphone

  • September 26, 2011 11:29 am

As the saying goes, there’s a mobile application for nearly anything lately, from those for music like Shazam to social check-in sites like Foursquare. Mobile apps also include innovative platforms that help homeowners monitor their property when they’re away. One such product is ADT Pulse, an iPhone app that is part of the ADT home security line of merchandise. Given Pulse’s capabilities, it would seem the chance to become an overlord just became a little bit easier.

Around one year old, ADT’s Pulse allows homeowners to arm and disarm their alarm systems from remote locations, survey rooms in the home via live video, raise or lower the thermostat’s temperature, adjust the lights, and even receive alerts via text message, such as notifications of a perimeter breach. The app is widely accessible, allowing users to do their monitoring from a laptop, a mobile browser, or their iPhones. According to Forbes, the complete Pulse package starts at $1,200, along with a $57/month fee. While the premier version of the app is hardly a steal, it might just prevent a robbery and that’s value that simply can’t be overlooked…

For those who worry that the world is inching closer and closer to the predictions set forth in Orwell’s 1984, rest assured that live video feeds won’t be transmitted to the humans monitoring the system at ADT. Some views are truly for the homeowner’s eyes only, like that glance at an unmade bed or a pair of haphazardly discarded jeans. Use Pulse for burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring when in-person vigilance isn’t possible. Ideally, the worst thing that will play out is the exact moment when the cat knocked over the umbrella stand.

Potential Pulse subscribers can log onto ADT’s Facebook page and get information about how to make the system best work for them. Along with customer testimonials and a short introduction video, homeowners can take a quiz that will help them decide what level of security service works best for them. In addition to controlling the thermostat and lights, users can customize Pulse and schedule recurring events, such as unlocking a side door for a weekly grocery delivery. Being able to keep packages out of sight is just one step in home protection and one that will ideally chase away miscreants and vandals with too much time on their hands.

As the world continues to make technological advances, expect the release of innovations similar to Pulse that will make being a homeowner just a bit easier. Log on from work and operate an informal observation deck, reveling at the chance to exercise a little Big Brother authority… even if it simply means the cat is in real trouble later.

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