What Facebook Integration In iOS 5 Could Look Like (If Apple And Facebook Kiss And Make Up)

  • September 26, 2011 10:23 pm

Facebook and Apple aren’t the greatest of friends. The most recent example of the two companies’ ongoing feuding can be seen in the failed Facebook integration with Apple’s Ping social music service. If you recall, Facebook support was yanked at the last second — literally the night before Ping launched. Since then we’ve seen glorious tales of iOS’s more social nature with the “other” social network, Twitter. While Twitter is part of our hourly routine, there are many people who haven’t the slightest clue what it actually is — Get those people a new rock with a window! — and would much rather prefer Facebook integration.

So what if Apple is working on Facebook integration in iOS 5? The above images (compliments of Macrumors) are allegedly showcase just that. Though we’ll be painfully blunt and tell you to stop holding your break now. You’ll be dead from such stutnts long before Apple actually releases the aforementioned integration. But if they did surprise us on the rumored October 4th iPhone 5 event date with some extra social flare tossed in to iOS 5 at the last minute, it would likely look something like you see above, minus the spelling mistakes of course.

For the sake of social junkies everywhere we hope the two sides can come together. Besides, they both have a very potent shared enemy — Google+. Competition folks.

In other Facebook/Apple related news: Mashable has been tipped about a potential release date for that elusive Facebook iPad app — the iPhone 5 event supposedly being held on October 4th. If this is a sign of a new friendship perhaps that iOS 5/Facebook integration might just happen afterall.

Via: Macrumors


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