New Google+ Features Outed Hidden Code.

  • September 27, 2011 11:49 am

Google+ is growing incredibly fast. The most recent estimates put the number of users at over 50 million! An impressive feat when you consider Google+ is still a baby, only a few months old. But despite its young age, Google is pushing their developers to the max getting new features prepped and out the door. Last week we took a look at a handful of new and exciting Google+ features. But as exciting as mobile hangouts and Google+ search are, there are four upcoming features that are even better: Google Voice/Google+ Integration, Google+ Wall Writing, Google+ Experts, new sorting options for Google Post/Messenger photos, and Google+ Presets.

Hop inside…

The new features were discovered by co-founder and developer, Matt Mastracci, when digging through new Google+ code.

Google+ Messenger/Post Photos

We’ll admit we haven’t played with the re-named “Messenger” part of Google+ since last week’s updates. Regardless, if any of you out there have been day 1 Huddle/Messenger users and missed a feature that would separate post and Messenger photos, this leak is for you.

It’s pretty self explanatory by the image above.

Google+ Privacy Presets

In an effort to prove they finally “get” this privacy thing, Google+ will reportedly roll out a new preset privacy setup similar to what you see above (created by Matt Mastracci).

Google+ Experts

Google+ Experts is an interesting idea, and one that will likely pave way for even more special/verified accounts of go-to people specializing in a certain area or study.

Google+ “Wall Writing”

Possibly very soon you will be able to leave messages on a Google+ friend/members’ “wall” area much like Facebook. But there is one big difference: the messages will only be viewable by the actual wall owner. Kind of anti-social if you ask us. Though let’s not forget we’re talking about unannounced features that could very likely change before being publicly released.

Google Voice/Google+ Integration

We saved the best for last: GoogleVoice/Google+ integration. Much like Google Talk users can already call users from within the buddy/chat window, Google+ users will soon be able to call contacts via their Google Voice numbers.

Google+ is far from slowing down. Because of the “discovered” nature of the features above, we’re not exactly sure when they will roll out. No worries, however, as we’ll gladly pass along any and all info once we see more.

Source: Matt Mastracci | Via: Grack, PlusHeadlines


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