Motorola DROID Bionic Uses A Custom In-house LTE Chip.

  • September 28, 2011 9:39 am

That Motorola DROID Bionic doesn’t just make use of Unicorn horn dust to achieve the better than average LTE battery life. According to ABI Research labs vice president of engineering James Mielke, “Motorola has mixed some of the latest technology with quite a few components now considered the norm and a few that have not been seen in phones for years”. (Read: Motorola’s LTE chip is super fancy/special.)

The discovery was made after a full teardown of the phone, and notes that while the LTE chip is custom made, the CDMA portion is your typical generic Qualcomm silicon found any every other CDMA device. But what’s even more interesting than the mere fact that Motorola designed their own LTE chip (Intel/Infineon based) is that they used some pretty old modem technology (10-year old tech specifically) and supports a good deal more “RF frequencies than either Motorola or Verizon advertise”.

If you’re eyes have glazed over, just know this: That extra 9 months Moto took to get the Bionic into public hands was well spent. It’s faster, more potent, and more frugal thanks to a little old school ingenuity.

Source: ABI Research | Via: MobileBurn


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