T-Mobile Planning To Release $60 Mid-Tier Plan With Lower 2 GB Data (Throttling) Cap.

  • September 29, 2011 9:10 am

Right now users of T-Mobile’s post-paid offerings have two choices a $50 for unlimited minutes/texts and a paltry 100 MB of data and a $70/month plan which keeps the unlimited minutes/texts and raises the data (throttling) cap to 5 GB.

A leaked screenshot circulating today appears to show T-Mobile will soon be announcing a mid-tier $60/month plan. Said plan will feature unlimited minutes/texts and 2 GB of data. To be clear, none of T-Mobile’s plans actually cut off data and require an added charge when you hit the limit. Speeds are simply throttled down to 2/2.5G speeds.

There isn’t any mention of a date for when we can expect this new plan to drop. Given the fiercely competitive nature the holiday season brings, we’ll place our bets then.

TMO users?

Via: TmoNews


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