Incredible: Life Size Lego Lancer - Pwns The Locust With Rubber Bands!

  • October 2, 2011 4:51 am

It’s late, but amazing awesome stuff doesn’t sleep. After soberly trolling the interwebs for something to chew on before we have to shut off the lights here at GS headquarters, we just happened to stumble on one of the most amazing things we have ever seen. Lego’s were one of the most played with toys of my childhood, between building whatever it was I could think of, I also used them as destructible environment for the G.I. Joe’s and the rest of the action figures of the 80′s.

Nowadays, between children, work, work and children, it’s hard to find time to build amazing forts and castles using the Lego pieces. The PlumBrother’s, however, have decided children and work can wait. I mean, seriously, how can you protect your family and the work place from the Locust and Lambent without a Lancer! If you fly over to their YouTube channel you’ll be graced with a full on breakdown of their latest and greatest toy. The Lego Lancer isn’t only life size, it features a working chain saw to rip your foes apart, but also features some sweet rubber band firing action. After turning off the wimpy safety, you’re left with either single or burst fire action to turn the Locust into chum.

The end of the video features a tear down of the Lancer, unfortunately we aren’t graced with a blindfolded re-build as we all know the COG can do!

Drop on in for the coolest video you’ll see this weekend, and probably the rest of the year!

Source: PlumBrother’s YouTube | Via: Joystiq