Andy Lees: Dual-Core And LTE Coming To Windows Phone “Soon”.

  • October 10, 2011 6:23 am

Windows Phone 7 users holding out for dual-core processors and/or LTE may have a bit longer to wait. Windows Phone hardware has been noticeably late from the dual-core/LTE party that Android manufacturers are cashing in on. Though according to Windows Phone President, Andy Lees, says sheer power with the aforementioned features isn’t the company’s #1 concern — gaining credibility in the smartphone world again (and battery life).

According to Lees, the first generation of LTE hardware was big and bulky. Add to that rather abysmal battery life and you’ve got the perfect reason to…wait. For dual-cores, Lees says the team wanted to make sure Windows Phone 7 was “mature enough” to handle the extra core.

But all is not lost. Lees mentions that the second generation of Windows Phone hardware is currently under development and we should begin to see new hardware features in the near future.

While Lees didn’t give any specific timeline regarding a feature list or release schedule for 2nd-gen hardware, merely saying “soon”, previous rumros point to a late 2011/early 2012 release of LTE WP7 and quite possibly dual-core hardware too.

Source: AllThingsD | Via: Nexus

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