Download Ice Cream Sandwich “Roboto” Font Now!

  • October 19, 2011 7:33 am

Getting into the Ice Cream Sandwich fun is still a few weeks out. The Google Nexus isn’t coming until November, with the actual launch of ICS for other devices dropping a couple weeks after that. But at least one aspect of ICS can be had now — the Roboto font.

All you’ll need is “Font Changer” from the Android Market (requires root). Next, download the Roboto font and navigate to System > fonts. (Download Roboto font: XDA.) Drop the three .tff Roboto font files. Also copy the same three .tff files to the “.fontchanger” folder on your SD card. Next, open Font Changer, select the Roboto font, and then reboot.

Let us know it goes (and share a screenshot while you’re at it)!

Source: Reddit, AndroidPolice | Via: Mr. Robinson (Twitter)


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  • Qiuzhuang Lian

    Wow. I just override those font files into my rooted hero device running froyo 2.2 and it looks great.