And So It Begins: Sprint Moving To Tiered Data For Hotspot And Mobile Broadband.

  • October 21, 2011 8:16 am

Sprint’s plans to cap (literally) mobile hotspot users have been known for quite a while now. Mobile data card users, however, were thought to have escaped unscathed. Too bad they didn’t. A new chart from Sprint has leaked, showing that the current awesome deal of capped 3G and unlimited 4G will soon be replaced by the now standard (and terribly priced) data tiers in 2 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB flavors — no grandfathered options. Going over your allotted bandwidth will cost you $0.05/MB.

Now that hotspot and data card users are getting neutered service it’s only a matter of time before Sprint makes the same changes to smartphone data. Despite promises to the contrary, unlimited data won’t be around on Sprint’s network much longer. On a separate note, Sprint’s network has never been anything to write home about speed wise (on 3G). With the recent launch of the iPhone 4S and the certain flogging iPhone users are putting on Sprint’s network, we can’t imagine things have gotten any better.

Considering one of Sprint’s few redeeming qualities is their unlimited data options, will the drying up of said feature(s) cause people to move elsewhere?

Overall, killing off unlimited data and not giving current unlimited users grandfathered plans isn’t likely to win over anyone.

Source: Sprint | Via: Engadget, Phandroid


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