Review: Callet iPhone Wallet Case.

With more and more people turning to digital forms of payment, not to mention the beginning rise of NFC/mobile payments, the need for the traditional wallet is finally diminishing. While carrying a spare card or two and your ID in a pocket isn’t the smartest of choices, tucking them neatly inside a specially designed case such as the Callet for iPhone is quite handy. Join us after the break as we take a look at the Callet and if it could/would/should become your new go-to place for communication, entertainment, and payment purposes…

We’ll start by saying the Callet takes the approach to the wallet case, in our minds, in the best way — it uses a series of pockets on the back of the case. Other cases may employ a type of book-style enclosure that includes a greater number of pockets and storage options. But for us, a “wallet case” should be as tiny and compact as possible. Bonus points for the Callet.

We’re pretty simple creatures, really. An ID for adult beverages, a credit/debit card, and maybe one or two other cards is all we need on a daily basis. That old world currency called “cash” hasn’t had a dedicated spot in our wallet in a long time. If your views on payments differ and favor paper money, well, the Callet will be less suitable for you. With that said, we comfortably crammed up to 6 cards in to Callet before insertion/removal became difficult past the point of usefulness.

While the Callet gains points for being quick and simple it loses them for the grippy, loose feeling material the case is made out of. It is perhaps one of the most “grabby” cases we’ve had in a while. Seriously, check your pockets after you pull the Callet out after one nights of use. You may find your pocket is entirely gone, and instead a small army of fuzz surrounding your phone/case.

Owners of the new iPhone 4S are out of luck, however, as the Callet fits only up to the iPhone 4. As you can see above in the one image highlighting the silent/volume switch and volume +/- buttons is that the alignment is ever so slightly off. It didn’t make the case completely unusable. Nonetheless, something to think about.


The asking price of $19.95 is perfect. The makers of Callet can make a little money and you the consumer don’t have to feel guilty about dropping $40+ on a case for a phone, many times equalling almost 25% the cost of the phone itself. If you can get past the loose-grip nature and fuzz sucking features of the Callet, it’s really not a bad case.