Rumor: iPad 3 Launching With Redesigned, Smaller Dock Connector.

Rumors citing a Sprint 2012 launch for the third generation iPad aren’t all that new. But a new rumor originating from Japanese blog Macotakara (not-translated) unearths a couple of new interesting talking points. First, Macotakara talks of the iPad 3 using a next-gen quad-core A6 processor. Talks of the A6 debuting in the iPad 3 have been floating around for a many weeks themselves. Though recent murmurings surrounding the A6 claim availability for public release (in products such as the iPad 3) won’t happen until later in the year, meaning the iPad 3 launch could be pushed back to late spring/summer. Nonetheless, hearing of these rumors again at least helps add a bit of weight.

Most interesting, however, are claims that the iPad 3 will feature a re-designed dock connector that will make use of the same number of pins but come in a more compact form. The plus side is even smaller, thinner gadgets. The downside, of course, is that older accessories designed for the current dock connector could very well be rendered useless.

Macotakara also touches on the Retina Display rumor in the article — something we’ve heard many times over — but fails to provide any new information. As of writing, the possibilities of having a 2048 x 1536 10″ display are mouthwatering.

For now we’ll have to sit and wait for more info to come our way…

Source: Macotakara | Via: Cnet

  • John @Refurbished Dslr Camera

    Is it the new version of iPad 3? does it have the same features as the original one have? It is better if the new one has new applications and features than the other version.