[Update] PSA: EA Doesn’t Take Care Of Battlefield 3 Users

If you happened to have popped your Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360 here at GS Headquarters) you have probably noticed you were only able to play for a couple minutes. I was able to throw the game in around 5:20pm here on the West, and it took an hour of EA servers failing. Then finally at 6:19pm I loaded my first game. And here we are, an hour and a half later and it has failed again. The picture above is what I constantly see, unless the game freezes up trying to phone EA’s servers. Exiting to the Dashboard is the only cure, at least for me.

How about you guys? You having any problems? From what I can see on my friends list, no one is making past “Menus.”


It seems that everything is up and back to normal. I seem to be having some glitches here and there, but it is definitely 100% better - than not playing. It also could be just that the East Coasters went to bed. lol

  • http://twitter.com/Perkaj Mike Perkaj

    EA unprepared as always. No surprise here. Same thing happened with BC2.
    Wasnt able to play the game for the first 2 weeks it was launched. They
    gotta get their stuff straightened out if they wanna compete with the
    big dogs. This is embarassing

    • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

      Exactly, that is how it always is. BF:BC1 and 2 were like that for me. Homefront which was on EA servers couldn’t be played for days. It’d disgusting. They know it’ll be a hit and millions will play it, beef up your crap before releasing one of the biggest titles of my lifetime!

  • Gerardleelewis

    If you just edit the filtered server list and check ALL servers….worked for me played for 3 hours before I got tired.

    • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

      No, I did that. Nothing worked between the hours of like 5 and 6:30pm PST. It started working, and then went down again. It wasn’t until almost 9pm I was able to play for 3 hours straight with only minor disconnections.

      • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

        Also, DICE and EA were Tweeting into the night about their server issues and how they were trying to fix the problem.

  • http://twitter.com/DinoT1985 Dino Tassigiannis

    Very misleading title…

    • http://Gadgetsteria.com Jordan Carpenter

      Yeah, you’re right. I’m sure all the nerds out there actually thought EA pooped on the players. Or, if you think, hey, this is the “most anticipated” shooter ever, let’s not have adequate servers so all those people that dropped $60 sit at a loading screen - then maybe it isn’t misleading. lolz