What Is Your Idea Of The Perfect Cellphone Plan?

  • November 1, 2011 3:26 pm

Depending on what country you reside in and what carrier you choose goes a long way into determining what kind of mobile user you are. While you may think you’re a buffet-type of consumer, an $80/month 500 MB data plan will cut you far short of your goals. But what if you’re focus is more on messaging. Voice calls? Truth is, there are a handful of decent options in the U.S., though our friends across the sea in Europe actually have it better — a trait that until recently used to be flipped.

In our eyes, the “perfect” cellular plan would feature absolutely 0 voice minutes. It would lack any specific allotment to “text messages” too. Instead, we’d opt for true, unlimited data. Price: $50/month. IF we had to put a limit on it we’d go for something rather forward looking and reasonable, say 50 GB. While that may seem like an obscene amount today, when you figure voice and text messaging are moving towards data-based alternatives, not to mention the onslaught of high-resolution photos and HD video, 50 GB will become the new 500 MB in no time flat.

You’ve heard ours, now what’s yours?

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  • RFK

    Im with Telus in Canada and pay about 40$ a month 
    I have 
    caller id
    200 local minutes 
    unlimited texting 
    social networking (facebook, twitter, bbm, etc)