HP Rumored To Be Eyeing WebOS Buyer. (Please Don’t Let It Be Oracle.)

  • November 7, 2011 8:21 pm

WebOS, my how you have fallen. You once were a potentially great up and coming mobile operating system. Now you’re nothing more than an unloved step child being passed between foster homes. Right now HP (barely) claims you. And if negotiations with potential buyers go in HP’s favor, one of several potential buyers will be the next.

According to one of Reuters’ sources (link), Oracle is a front runner in the potential sale. If webOS wasn’t dead before, it certainly will be after Oracle gets its cold, stodgy, corporate hands all over it, as they’ll buy it for patents and courtroom firepower alone. And if anyone is going to blow “hundreds of millions” on a dead platform, it would be Oracle, a company that is about as far from “knowing” the consumer market as you can get.

Another potential candidate offered up by Electronista — Sony. While some would classify Sony as another certain death sentence, this pairing could actually be worthwhile. Sony has dabbled with both Windows Mobile and Android over the years, with the latter being their current go-to mobile platform. With that said, Sony’s handsets haven’t really taken off like competing Android products from HTC, Samsung, and Motorola. The gorgeous Sony hardware paired with a much better looking (than Android) webOS could help Sony reinvigorate their stagnant mobile division.

Wishes and dreams aside, the sooner we accept reality — that webOS is dead — the better. It was a great run while it lasted. Unfortunately the drive wasn’t there. HP was the platform’s last hope, and they failed — miserably.

Source: Reuters | Via: Electronista


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