Review: Noise Hush NX80 Earphones.

  • November 7, 2011 5:00 pm

Noise Hush sells a wide range of products for mobile devices. From bluetooth headsets to solar chargers to headphones, just about anyone can find something for their particular mobile needs. With that said, how does the NX 80 earphones fair when it comes to personal audio? We’ve got a pair in-house and have spent the last couple of weeks using them as our go-to mobile standard for audio. Hop past the break for the full rundown…

Look & Feel

The Noise Hush NX 80s are sharp. Their dark black accents coupled with bright, vivid red (and flat) cabling definitely makes a statement. They are definitely an earphone for the fashion conscious music junkie.

On the topic of flat cabling, we found it to be good at resisting tangling and knotting. The common trait amongst higher-end earphones is braided cabling. In our testing and comparing with different cable types, we’d say that braided cables are still best at resisting tangling with flat cabling such as the NX 80′s coming in a close second, and of course, normal cabling being a distant last place finisher.

As far as design goes, we’d say the NX 80s bare a striking resemblance to a certain Monster line of “Beats” earphones — a similarity that we’d say are closer than one or two lawyers may like.


Good design aside, the purpose of earphones/headphones is first and foremost to reproduce audio and pump it towards your eardrums. The NX 80s excel, but not quite as well as we had hoped. While bass is impressive, strong, and tightly controlled, the mids feel overpowering and “veiled”. The highs, too, weren’t right; we’d say “shrill” and “harsh”. They primarily favored hip hop/rap, dubstep, and other bass-heavy music. That’s not a bad thing, though. For listeners of precisely the aforementioned types of music (and only that music), the NX 80s are a great buy.


We much prefer earphones that can perform well over many different genres. In our testing that just wasn’t the case with the NX 80s. At only $69.99 the sound quality is on par for the price range with bass that is perhaps a touch better than the category average. The thing that kills if for us is that for everything other than bass heavy music, the NX 80s fall a bit flat.

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GS Rating

  • Design: 9
  • Sound Quality: 7
  • Value: 7
  • Overall (Average): 7.5


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