[Update] Verizon To Begin Offering “Double-Data” Data Plans Nov. 8th.

  • November 7, 2011 9:44 am

We’re not fans of capped data plans around GS headquarters, especially when LTE is concerned. There’s absolutely no use for 10+ Mbps downloads when you’re stuck with a paltry 2 GB each and every month. But alas, the tides aren’t going to change in favor of us data junkies anytime soon.

But there is hope. Today Verizon Wireless announced a new “Double-Data” promotion beginning November 8th that will give new and existing VZW customers who aren’t able to grab the old unlimited plan a decent option.

Here’s how it works: Essentially all of the data tiers are doubled in bandwidth allotment. The old $30/month 2 GB data plan now offers up 4 GB. Similarly, the $50/month 5 GB plan now offers 10 GB (and so on).

New customers can choose the plan at the time of account sign-up while existing customers can simply select it from their account control panel online (or by calling up VZW directly).

Gadgetsteria’s Take: If you’re not on an unlimited data plan, jump on this offer NOW!

*Updated article to reflect that it is not just a single tier offering but multiple.


Turns out the deal isn’t quite as sweet as originally believed. Only 4G phones activated within the last 14 days (and ongoing) are eligible for the Double Data data plans. Catch the rest of the bad news right over here.

Via: Phonescoop


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