Buzzkill: Verizon’s “Double Data” Promotion Only For New Phone Activations Within Last 14 Days.

  • November 8, 2011 2:08 pm

That super awesome “Double Data” Verizon deal(s) we told you about yesterday seemed too good to be true. And, well…they were. Today’s it’s become apparent that only 4G phones purchased and activated within the last 14 days will have the option to tap into all that extra VZW-provided data. We confirmed the info with one of our own VZW sources much to our dismay.

It’s a shame, really. For those not eligible for upgrade or not able to part with the extra cash to open another line, we feel for you. For the rest of you out there who can still benefit from the new Double Data plans, you should feel even more special now.

Via: TheVerge


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