Adobe To Announce Abandonment Of Mobile Flash Development, Heavy Shift To HTML5.

  • November 9, 2011 1:39 am

Mobile Flash has long been herald as the software Jesus of the modern smartphone era. For if our phones can display the “real” web just as our desktop machines do, we have won. What exactly have we won? Atrocious battery life, stuttery scrolling, and an all-around terrible experience. Ok. We’ll be honest and admit we’ve had one or two decent mobile Flash encounters over the last year. Keyword: “decent”.

But none of that really matters now because Adobe will be publicly announcing within the next 24 hours their plans to totally abandon mobile browser flash — you know, the stuff that every anti-iPhone critic has bragged about since 2007. Apparently it wasn’t all that great. Shocker.

While Adobe is abandoning work on mobile browser Flash, they will continue to provide critical bug and security updates to PlayBook and Android platforms. At the same time Adobe will give 3rd party companies the option to continue work on Flash, so it’s likely not completely dead quite yet. According to Zdnet’s source “briefed on the matter”, Adobe will make the full details and scope of the announcement available on their website over the course of the next day.

So what’s Adobe going to do with all of this newly acquired spare time? “Applications for mobile, HTML5, “Expressive content on the desktop (in and out of the browser), and Adobe AIR apps.

Funny how things evolve, isn’t it?

Via: Zdnet


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