Mozilla Releases FireFox 9 Beta For Mac, Claims “New Look” To Match Lion.

  • November 11, 2011 1:12 pm

Mozilla has officially let loose Firefox 9 beta just a few days after pushing out Firefox 8 into the world as part of their newer rapid release cycle. One of the biggest features for consumers comes by way of a “new” look that “better integrates with OS X Lion”.

Look at the picture above and see if you notice anything different. As far as we can tell, the icons on the toolbar on FireFox 9 are a tad more grayed out than that of Firefox 8. Nothing groundbreaking here.

Looks aside, developers are supposedly in for a treat with features such as “Do Not Track” Javascript protection, Chunked XHR support, and Type Inference to name a few.

Interested parties can grab the latest Firefox 9 beta right over here. Let us know if you spot anything else, feature or UI-wise.

Via: Macstories

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