[Update] Rumor: Anonymous LG Executive Claims 4″ Display For Next-Gen iPhone, 7.35″ iPad In Development.

It never fails. A new Apple product is released ushering in the latest generation of Cupertino designed hardware (and software) and not more than a month later (many times sooner) the rumor mill picks back up. Today, the source is an unnamed LG executive who doesn’t waste any time getting to the front of the pack of Apple rumors.

The claim: Apple’s next-gen iPhone will feature a 4″ display.

Sound familiar?

That’s because we’ve heard this rumor repeated time and time again. While we too would enjoy a slightly larger display, we’re perfectly fine with the Retina display as it is at 3.5″. With that said, the rumor above also notes that the larger 4″ display would be the same 960 x 640 resolution meaning a reduction in pixel density from the current 330dpi to a “non-retina” 288dpi. Based on how heavily Apple has marketed the Retina Display and all its awesomeness, we don’t see them raising screen size and making image quality worse — that’s not how Apple works. They don’t simply chase features to appease people. They make sure it’s impeccable before releasing to the public. (Wish they did this with software…)

As for “mini-iPad” rumors we’ve heard so much of over the last year — the same unnamed LG source cited an alleged mini 7.35″ iPad is “in the works”. Like the iPhone rumor before it, the mini-iPad rumor lacks any clarity or detail.

So what does a mini-iPad mean for its larger-screened sibling? Separate rumors surrounding the current iPad claim the device will finally get a bump in resolution. But if so, to what resolution? We’ve heard “Retina Display” mentioned many times over. Such a display would clock in at 2048 x 1536 — an insane amount of pixels in a smallish 10″ display. With that said, making such high-res displays isn’t the problem. It’s making such high-res displays in the insane levels Apple would demand.

Still, other rumors circulating around the web point to a more minor bump in resolution to 1600 x 1200 as a half-step between the current 1024 x 768 resolution and any type of Retina-packing iPad. Though similar to the iPhone’s display problems, we don’t see Apple half-hazardly changing resolution without doubling the pixel count as it then creates a massive headache for developers, and will instantly fork Apple’s tablet line — not something Apple would do.

In short: rumors are fun to talk about but relatively uncertain. Don’t lose sleep if they don’t turn out to be real. Then again, if you consider the main source of the latest iPhone 6/mini-iPad rumors, The Korea Times, things suddenly get a bit more real.


We just received a tweet from Twitter user @thenewperson1 (Ezenwa Okoro) that proposes a very believable solution, that frankly we completely overlooked — tripling the original iPhone’s 480 x 360 resolution effectively giving you 1440 x 1080 resolution — a more easily attainable goal. Consider: a doubled Retina Display would require 1920 x 1280 resolution. For a ~4″ screen, such high pixel count is insane and not likely possible for at least a couple more years.

Source: Korea Times | Via: IDG, BGR, IntoMobile