Gadgetsteria’s Holiday Gift Guide.

  • November 20, 2011 8:51 am

Stocking Stuffers


If you’re a smartphone user who lives and dies by the touchscreen, gloves pose a nasty problem — you have to choose between keeping frostbite at bay and actually being able to use your phone. Ugh! Introducing: The best $23.99 you’ve ever spent.

Agloves allow you to keep your digits relatively warm and interact with that touchscreened device of yours thanks to silver threading. The silver allows the important electrical resistance pass between your finger and the display that normal gloves simply can’t handle.

Two models available:

Griffin HeloTC

$49.99 may be a tad high for the typical stocking stuffer, but if you can swing it the new HeloTC owner won’t be disappointed. For starters, the HeloTC is awesome. (Check out our hands-on review — here.) The genius of this little copter is that it’s controlled via a simple app (iOS only) downloaded from the App Store as well as a small box that attaches to your iPhone/iPod Touch and transmits the actual flight command signals from the app on your phone. Run-time is in the 7-10 minute range on average with re-charges taking ~35 minutes. All in all, a great “accessory” for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Solar LED Home Address Numbers

House address numbers aren’t exactly the type of Christmas present we’d normally be excited to get. But when they’re solar powered, constructed out of aluminum, and look like that above, we’re at least open to the idea. For $9.99 it’s perhaps one of the most affordable, geeky ways to decorate your house. Bonus: no wires to deal with. (LEDs runs for 8-10 hours after a full day of direct sunlight.)

More: Think Geek

Airzooka Air Gun

For $9.99 you can give your kids (or kids at heart) the most fun they’ve ever had with good ‘ol air. The Airzooka is a simple toy, launching mere air and all, but the things you can do with it and the fun/trouble wrought is well worth the $9.99. If you go this route, be sure to grab a bigger stocking too.

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Coffee Cup Power Inverter

For the parent/friend/spouse/geek that starts each morning and ends each day in the car, power for long running gadgets is no doubt an issue. While you could always get a car charger for your beloved electronics, having a coffee cup inverter to plug in normal looking plugs is so much…cooler. $29.99. We’re sold.

More: Think Geek

Jawbone Up

Alright. $99 may be pushing the concept of “stocking stuffer” a tad too far. Nonetheless, we’re running with it. Should you find one of these gems in your stocking this year, congratulations, you’ve got the coolest mobiel accessory of 2011.

The Jawbone up ties into your iDevice with a nifty little app that combined try to track your active lifestyle as accurately (and geeky) as possible. The Up is worn on your wrist and measures the large and tiny movements you make. While it can track steps like any decent pedometer, the really cool part in our books is how it can track the quality of sleep you have based on how restless you are. No, the Up isn’t perfect. But it’s damn cool.

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Zombie Cookie Jar

Because…why not.$29.99.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of geeky stocking stuffers — far too many to put here on GS. But as you can see above, we have a special thing for Think Geek. They have a ton of awesome stuff. If your head is left spinning on what to get, Think Geek is a perfect place to start.

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  • Dealzon

    That Airzooka… wonder whats the range on it.

    • The Gadgeteur

      “Up to 20 feet and beyond…”

      I’d say a good 15-20 feet solid, with anything else extra a bonus.