iOS 5.0.2 Delayed Because Of “Address-Based Memory Leaks”.

  • November 22, 2011 5:36 am

Rampant battery drain isn’t Apple’s only problem with iOS 5. It appears that even after many weeks of public exposure, Apple still has their hands tied up with their latest mobile OS. iOS 5.0.1 failed to fix many of the battery issues a number of people are seeing. iOS 5.0.2 was rumored to finally remedy said issue and hit the market sometime this week. As it stands now, iOS 5.0.2 is still at least a week away.

The delay, according to, has to to with “address-based memory” errors. (Read: Applications aren’t releasing memory back to the phone, and in turn other apps, once they are closed.) We can confirm this memory issue first hand. A quick trip to the “Diagnostic & Usage” section deep within shows a long, long list of “low memory” errors (see above).

Hopefully Apple can get all their ducks in a row and get the increasingly important update out the door asap. Still, despite the apparently wide-scale issues pertaining to battery life with iOS 5, uptake of the iPhone 4S is still staggering with daily stock sell-outs at Apple and carrier retail stores.

Source: | Via: BGR


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