Patched Version Of Tweetdeck Upgraded To Play Well With Ice Cream Sandwich, Regain Support.

  • November 23, 2011 4:15 pm

Bummed that the Twitter acquisition has effectively killed off Tweetdeck’s fast paced update schedule and excellent support? You’re not alone. Public outcry has begun building over the last few days now that Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich is gaining presence, as the latest version of Android does not play well with Tweetdeck. But one loyal Tweetdeck user, MoDaCo founder Paul O’ Brien was so frustrated he took matters into his own hands by creating an “upgraded” version of Tweetdeck.

The patched Tweetdeck app not only updates some UI problems that have become more noticeable on larger-screened devices (such as the Galaxy Nexus), but also changes the notification icons to align with ICS and re-adds support for Tweetdeck’s old feature for tweets over 140 characters — one of Tweetdeck’s defining features until Twitter took over.

While we’re more than appreciative for Paul’s efforts, we hope that Twitter/Tweetdeck get the ball rolling and start fixing their own problems and not rely on end users to keep everything in proper working order.

Download the patched Tweetdeck app over at MoDaCo here.

Via: MoDaCo


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